7 Drawer Dresser

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Dresser with 7 Drawers

The elegant design of this 7 drawer dresser matches both our sleigh style range of furniture and the royal cot with its beautiful curvaceous ends. It will be a feature piece in your nursery that can also be paired with any other style of cot. As pretty as it may be, this dresser is designed with nursery functionality in mind. The dresser has 3 smaller drawers for organising smaller baby wear such as singlets, socks/booties, bibs etc and 4 larger drawers for everyday baby wear. The dresser has soft close drawers with a firm seal for the safety of little hands and fingers.

If nursery space and/or storage is an issue for you, this dresser is ideal, as it is also designed to safely function as a change table (at almost 1m high) with the option to purchase a custom fitting change mat and timber frame. The change top frame can be attached to the back of the dresser with the hardware provided, to hold your change mat firmly and safely in place. The dresser can be purchased with or without the change mat and timber frame by using the drop down menu.

The U-shaped change mat is a custom fitting design for our furniture range. The high-density foam makes the U-shaped change mat soft and comfortable, while at the same time firm and durable. The hospital grade vinyl exterior makes for easy cleaning. 



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- Soft close drawers with a firm seal to protect little hands and fingers

- Hardware to attach the timber change mat frame to the back of the dresser to keep it in place

- U-shaped change mat designed with raised sides to reduce the likelihood of falls when using your chest of drawers as a change table

- Safety strap with clip around change mat when purchased with timber frame

- Please note: you should always keep one hand on your baby at change time - this applies to any change table. Never leave your baby unattended on any changing table, unit or device


- Furniture constructed from clear grade NZ plantation pine

- Drawer interiors and shelves constructed from pine


- The exterior of the unit is crisp white - not off-white, or pearly, or cream

- Drawer interiors are natural wood colour


Currently selling as Quirky Bubba brand - this stock will be phased out and later rebranded with our Cloud 9 logo. We can provide a Cloud 9 badge which is interchangeable with the Quirky Bubba badge upon request


- Dresser Dimensions: Size (W-135cm X D-52cm X H-85cm) and Weight (47kgs)

- Three top drawers (inside measurements: L- cm X W- cm X H/D- cm)

- Four bottom drawers (inside measurements: L- cm X W- cm X H/D- cm)

- Timber Change Mat Frame for Chest Top: Size (W-74cm X D-46cm X H-9cm)

- Change Mat Dimensions: Size (L-70cm X W-41cm X D-10cm) and Weight (1kg)


7 Drawer Dresser Assembly Instructions


- Dresser Box 1 Dimensions: Size (L-89cm X W-61cm X D-23cm) and Weight (25kg)

- Dresser Box 2 Dimensions: Size (L-142cm X W-62cm X D-16cm) and Weight (29kg)

- Change Mat and Frame Box: Size (L-78cm X W-56cm X D-15cm) and Weight (5kg)


- Up to 40kgs


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