Returns Policy



All products are refundable where they are in perfect condition for re-sale purposes. If you take your flat packs home, then change your mind and want to return the unopened boxes within 2 weeks for a refund, we will accept your return of goods and refund the full amount.


Please note, timber furniture is no longer in perfect condition after assembly, as slight indentation occurs at fixation points due to fastening. Thus, we do not accept returns on furniture where there is ANY evidence of assembly, as this renders the furniture unfit for re-sale purposes. We may also decline a return of goods if the product has been removed from it's original packaging and returned to the boxes in a very disorderly manner that has caused any scratches to the paint work or varnish. Again, this renders the furniture unfit for re-sale purposes.


All of our furniture comes with a 12-month warranty. Contact us immediately if any of your recently purchased products are faulty or damaged. Do not assemble your furniture if it is faulty. The fault or damage will be assessed and a resolution will be negotiated depending on the type of fault or damage and the assessed cause of the fault or damage. We will repair, replace or refund any faulty goods where the assessment clearly reveals that the damage or defect is a manufacturing fault. Assessment may require us to hold the item for a period of up to 2 weeks where items are returned to the warehouse. Where items are unable to be returned to the warehouse due to long distance shipping, we will work with you to obtain photographic evidence that will enable us to assess the damage and then determine the appropriate course of action in order to resolve the issue.


We cannot provide a replacement, repair or refund for furniture where damage is assessed to be caused by misuse, mishandling or misassembly by the customer. As an example, where damage to an item is indicative of force used in the assembly process, as well as a failure to follow the assembly instructions - a refund, replacement or repair will not be provided free of charge. However, in these cases we do still want you to be happy with your products and we will offer to order you replacement parts or pieces and these will be provided to you at cost price only. In these cases, you will also be required to pay for your shipping costs. 


If furniture is damaged in transit or on delivery, we will again refund, repair or replace the damaged parts at our own cost and in a timely manner. When you purchase a product with us and elect to pay for domestic shipping, your shipping costs include a warranty cover with our courier. This protects us and you in the event of damages caused to your goods in transit. We will work with you to obtain photographic evidence of the damages (including to the outside packaging) and we will submit a warranty claim. We will require you to securely re-package the goods (if they have been opened) into the original boxes for return shipping. Please note, we make a special effort to avoid the likelihood of damaged goods in transit by bubble wrapping goods that are travelling long distances and also by affixing fragile stickers and custom-made handle with care notes (specifying the distance that will be traveled by your furniture). These efforts are very effective at communicating to our delivery company drivers that your goods should be handled with care. (We have only submitted 2 warranty claims in over 1 year). If we do need to retrieve any damaged item/s this will be done at our expense. Or, if we need to replace or repair any damaged item/s this will also be done at our expense.


You will only ever pay the one-time, original cost of having your items sent to you. Where damages that are not your fault occur, there will be no additional shipping costs to you. The only exclusions to our warranty for damages in shipping, is relating to refunds for these original shipping costs. We use a third party for the shipping of goods. We do not profit from the shipping of goods and we do not factor shipping costs into the pricing of our goods. This enables us to offer low prices on the sale of our goods. However, it also means that your original shipping costs are non-refundable by us if we allow you to opt for a refund in the case of goods damaged in transit - as outlined, we will however, pay for the shipping costs in the recovery or replacement of goods.


Customers are welcome to return goods directly to our warehouse. Where customer's originally purchased from our warehouse, it would be expected that the customer returns any damaged or faulty goods to our warehouse - as opposed to us paying for shipping costs in these cases. Please contact us and arrange a time for drop-off to ensure our warehouse is attended when you return your goods.


All products with manufacturing faults before assembly must be reported within 14 days of purchase.

All Change Of Mind returns must be returned within 14 days of purchase.

All other issues will be within your 12-month warranty period.

We are happy to order replacement parts at your cost at any time outside of your 12-month warranty period.


All items must be returned to our warehouse at an agreed time: 75 Araluen Street, Kedron, QLD 4031.

Please arrange a drop-off time to ensure our warehouse is attended. 


Please provide your proof of purchase including your original receipt when you return any goods. Any free or bonus goods must also be returned. Where possible, please return the items in the original packaging to avoid damaging the goods. The item/s will be assessed to ensure they are in perfect condition for re-sale purposes before you receive your refund. In the case of damaged goods, this may take 1-2 weeks, as the items may need to be returned to the supplier or manufacturer for assessment. 


Refunds will be made to your nominated bank account. We will ask you to provide account details. Your refund will consist of the total amount you paid in the case of returning goods in perfect condition. Where refunds or partial refunds are given due to damages or partial damages, this will be negotiated with you on a case-by-case basis.


All goods should be returned in the original packaging. Where this is not possible, the goods should be packaged in the same manner as the original packaging to avoid damage to the goods, or further damage to already damaged goods for assessment purposes in determining a refund, replacement or repair. Where goods are returned due to a change of mind, a repackaging fee of $20 will be charged to cover the cost of replacement packaging where this is required.