We receive very high volumes of emails and sometimes do not have the capacity to respond to individual order update emails in a timely manner - hence, why we have added this Updates page. We will update this page when there is any change to the information it contains. To check which shipment your pre-order is on, please download your invoice from your confirmation email.

Please check your invoice which is in pdf format in your confirmation email for the date your pre-order is arriving. We have shipments arriving at:

Mid May and Late May

We have recently received extra shipments so a lot of our stock is available now!

We have been experiencing low supply of mattresses but these can be sourced locally. Our mattress dimensions are 130cm x 69cm x 10cm.


We do not receive a precise arrival date for our ships - we are provided with a window - usually of two weeks. As per the information we provide in our confirmation email, the ships can arrive at any time during the month, including at the end of the month. If you are due in the same month your order arrives and need to cancel your order due to the risk of having your baby arrive before your furniture, please let us know - we understand and we are happy to honour a full refund at your request.