Stacey's Cloud 9 Baby Girl's Bedroom Reveal

Here at Cloud 9 Baby Bedrooms HQ we are most excited to be taking you on this pioneering nursery tour - it’s our first customer nursery reveal to be featured in our Cloud 9 Blog!

As part of our Social Media Promo, we have asked one of our customer’s - Stacey, who is now just one week away from becoming a new Mum, a plethora of questions to walk you through the design of her baby girl’s bedroom, so you can pinch some ideas, or even recreate the look...

Stacey’s nursery features our 5 in 1 Sleigh Cot with Innerspring Cot Mattress, the 4 drawer Chest Of Drawers and 3 Drawer Changing Table with Change Mat. Stacey purchased her bassinet from another store. What we really love about Stacey’s grey, white and pink colour scheme is that it complements the white furniture so beautifully! It really makes it POP!

Where did you get inspiration and ideas?

Stacey revealed that although she found a lot of ideas on Pintrest, she knew the colour of the walls that she wanted immediately - for a girl or a boy. “Once we found out we were having a girl, I knew I wanted greys, white and pinks throughout. If it was a boy, I would have chosen greys, white and navy”.

What part of decorating did you enjoy the most?

“The soft furnishings for sure. I enjoyed looking on Etsy for different bits and pieces and putting it all together”.

What are your fave parts of your nursery?

“One of my favourite things would be the shelves that my husband made. I found what I wanted and they took him around 45 mins to knock together. It’s extra special as his Mum had kept three of his favourite books from when he was a little one - which we have in pride position on her book shelves - one being ‘The Jungle Book’ which Steve has written his name and age in”.

“Another is the bedding which was a gift from my two best friends. I chose a few different fabrics that I liked and they put it all together. I am obsessed with the linen and it really finished the room off beautifully”.

Where did you find your decor?

“Etsy and Kmart mostly and the stunning linen on the Cot, Bassinet and Change Table was a gift from my best friends - one of whom owns ‘Peekaboo Bubba’ who specialise in custom and universal pram liners and baby linen”.

What are your tips for other Mums-to-be?

“Start with something you love and go from there. For me the first thing I chose were the two prints on the wall. It took me forever to choose the prints I wanted and I settled on two, which I sourced from Etsy. From there, I was able to incorporate similar colors and pieces that flowed nicely with the prints”.

Why did you choose Cloud 9?

“I found Cloud 9 Baby Bedrooms while Googling nursery packages. I really wanted a package and when I came across the website the price was what got me first - I was like ‘really??? That price cant be right' so I looked into it more and it was. I was also really happy that I could get the Innerspring Mattress & Change Mat with the package also. I had a few questions and Jade was approachable and answered them quickly, which made me feel at ease”.

What do you like best about our furniture?

“The quality is top notch - it was easy to put together and it’s a timeless design - so I won’t need to upgrade for our next baby”.

Thank you Stacey!

Stacey, we would like to thank you with $50 cash back for participating in our Social Media Promo by sharing your nursery reveal photos and also your nursery decorating story with us and all of our current and future customer's - whom we know will benefit from your ideas and tips.

You really have created a special space that awaits the making of many precious the 3 of you reading Daddy’s books together before bedtime.

Enjoy your special time.

Cloud 9 Baby Bedrooms x