Our Little Peanut's Nursery By Ida @ida_theposh

Here at Cloud 9 HQ it warms our heart to receive photos of each and every one of our customers’ baby bedrooms’ because we can see the love and excitement that’s been poured into creating a really special space for a brand new little human being. In fact, this is the very reason Cloud 9 Baby Bedrooms came into existence (and career opportunities in psychology and academia, as well as a job in Business and Data Analysis were abandoned) - for the passion experienced in creating our own babies’ bedrooms’!

Regardless of the style, or the end result of the nursery, this is what we adore when we see our customer’s nursery photos – that excitement and love by each and every Mum-to-be. Setting up your nursery is a very special time of anticipating what your baby will be like and it often seems that despite the discomfort of pregnancy, instinct kicks-in and many Mum’s-to-be go to extraordinary lengths to create a most spectacular space! It really is a show of love (and from a psychological perspective it’s also a fascinating human behavior, popularly referred to as ‘nesting’ – as you’d know)!

Although we see that beauty in each and every nursery, our jaws do drop when we see customer photos of a Cloud 9 Baby Bedroom creation fit for a magazine! It really is amazing to see how up-market and posh the furniture can look when our Mum’s-to-be have a talent for interior design. Ida’s stunning Cloud 9 Baby Bedroom is one such example that we are thrilled to be revealing to you here, along with all the inside info you’ll need - directly from Ida herself, to help you recreate a similarly beautiful space. Even though Ida has achieved a professional finish, she too reports having had that same experience of enjoying every minute of her nesting journey. In her own words, “I especially enjoyed experiencing it all come together with my husband, as both of us had our own individual input in creating the space for our little one”.

What we all really want to know is where Ida found inspiration and ideas for her nursery styling! In asking Ida, we could hardly believe it when she revealed to us “This is our first child, so I had no idea about designing and preparing a nursery, nor the essential furniture pieces that were needed to fill the space! I gathered all my knowledge and inspiration mainly from social media sources such as Instagram, Pinterest and Nursery Tour videos on Youtube”.

Ida then created her own little mood board with all the different elements and ideas that she found from different sources and this helped her to visualize exactly how she wanted the nursery to look and feel. In asking Ida about the colour palette, she explained “Before my husband and I started designing the nursery, we already knew we wanted neutral colours, so it could be transitioned from a boys’ to a girls’ baby nursery or vice versa, as my husband and I are planning to have a second child not long after our first”.   

Ida purchased her décor items from different places, including from a mix of higher end specialty stores to more affordable sources like department stores. The grey vintage canopy and tassel rug is from Adairs Kids, the framed wall prints are from TK Maxx and the floating shelves and artificial plants are from Kmart and Target. We love this tip from Ida that "Mixing it up is the key, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a room look expensive". 

Ida also designed a wall print that says “Sometimes the little things take up the most room in your heart,” which is her favourite quote from Winnie the Pooh that she says sums up exactly how they feel about their little one. Ida framed it with a grey rustic photo frame that she sourced from TK Maxx and she mounted it on top of his shoes...

"Another piece that I love is this precious little wooden toy train which I thrifted from the Salvation Army store. I love visiting thrift stores as you can find some hidden gems in there that can add unique touches to your home. My husband also works for Metro Trains Sydney, so this added detail is very appropriate. Now our little one will know that Daddy works with trains!!!"

What really excites us is that Ida's styling is a testiment that Cloud 9 Baby Bedrooms Nursery Furniture has the potential to look high end - Ida you have certainly given our furniture justice! Ida told us she chose the ‘6 Piece Nursery Furniture Set’ as it included everything that her and her husband needed for their little one. "The set already came with the Mattresses and also the Change Mat, which saved me the hassle of sourcing them from somewhere else".

Ida adds... "The overall design is also very classic, timeless, and baby/toddler friendly with smooth rounded edges and non-toxic paint and finishes used on all the furniture, which gave my husband and I the peace of mind that our baby is going to be safe in his nursery. I also wanted a lot of storage so I opted for the Chest of Drawers with Changing Table as it has 4 drawers which provide generous storage space for all of our baby essentials. The crib also includes a bottom storage unit where I can store extra bedding and other things that I want out of sight".

"There are a lot of features that I like about our nursery furniture, most specifically the safety feature of the non-toxic teething guards on the cot, which not only will protect my baby’s teeth and gums but will also protect the cot. We have confidence that it will stand the test of time as we are planning to use the same cot for our next baby! I also love the fact the changing station is not your typical changing station. The changing mat is removable and the furniture can easily transition to just a dresser as my little one gets older".

We are 'over the moon' to hear Ida say that "The furniture set is definitely great value for money especially for the high-quality standard that you are getting". Ida was also the first customer to suggest to us that we introduce the option to purchase a combination of white nursery furniture with a dark coloured cradle - as Ida and her husband have dark coloured furniture in their bedroom. We greatly appreciate customer feedback, as it helps us to improve customer satisfaction, as is demonstrated in Ida's case as she says "Another thing that I love about my furniture purchase is that I was able to choose a different colour (dark brown) for the rocking cradle which matched perfectly with our bedroom suite, as we are planning for our baby boy to sleep in the same room with us for the first few months".

Ida thank you for sharing the story of your nursery styling journey with us. We are absolutely blown away by your stunning nursery and we are certain that your Cloud 9 Baby Bedroom will continue to inspire our future Cloud 9 Mum's-to-be who may be reading our Cloud 9 Blog in preparation for setting up their own Cloud 9 Baby Bedrooms! 

And Mum's-to-be, if this is you and you are about to embark on your own nursery styling journey, remember the one thing that we have noticed in common amongst all of our Cloud 9 Mum’s-to-be - like Ida - who have achieved a professional-looking nursery design... Instagram is the first go-to for #nurseryinspo! And if you’re heading straight there, be sure to follow @ida_theposh  

Ida also has some suggestions for you if you'd like to design a nursery just like hers: "If you are planning to design a neutral-colored nursery, it is all the more important to add different textures like rugs and cushions, also hanging shelves and prints to break up the walls and use different tones of neutrals to add dimension to the room".

And we couldn't agree more with Ida's final words of wisdom when we asked her what advice she'd give to our other Mum's-to-be in designing a nursery just like hers. Ida "would advise other mums-to-be to take their time with it, enjoy the experience and add personal touches to the room as it will make the room unique to you and your family to be".

Happy Styling From 

@ida_theposh & Cloud 9 Baby Bedrooms X