Twin Sleigh Set with Chest and Change Table

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Twin Sleigh Set with Chest and Change Table

This 7 Piece Nursery Furniture Set includes two of the 5 in 1 Sleigh Cots with Innerspring Cot Mattresses, one Chest of Drawers & one 3 Drawer Changing Table with U-Shaped Change Mat for your twin nursery.



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This package features 2x the 5 in 1 Sleigh Cot which mimics high end brands in its size, as well as its heavy-set timber construction and convertible functionality, while the custom fitting Innerspring Mattress is comfortable yet firm, providing the recommended sleep surface for the safety of your baby. We encourage the purchase of the cot and mattress in a package, as they have been manufactured together in order to meet the very strict and most recent Australian Safety Standards (AS/NZS 2172).

The design of this cot makes caring for your twins as easy as possible on your recovering body after birth, particularly after a caesarean section, or traumatic birth. The high mattress base position used in conjunction with the drop side rail eliminates the need to bend or reach into the cot to lift or lower your babies. It is also designed this way to reduce repetitive strain on exhausted Mum's when your bubba's require settling for long periods of time.  

The 5 in 1 Sleigh Cot functionality includes: (1) high base position (newborn); (2) low base position (baby to toddler); (3) bonus toddler rail kit included (toddler to junior); (4) removable drop side (daybed/playroom lounge); (5) slide out trundle drawer (large storage space for linen or toys). As mentioned, the cot also possesses a drop side mechanism for lowering the front rail - please refer to the product images to see all of these cot positions.


The 3 Drawer Changing Table doubles as a small chest of 3 drawers that can be used to store baby clothes or goods and can later convert to a display cabinet or bedside table by simply removing the U-Shaped Change Mat. This changing table is open ended on the right-hand side for easy access to baby at change time. Many Mum's initially use the 3 drawers to store baby's toiletries and nappies out of reach of curious little hands and later use them to store clothing. This changing table has safety rails that can be conveniently used for hanging towels and clothing at change time.   


The Chest of Drawers serves primarily as a storage unit however, the unit has also been designed for use as a changing table with subtly raised timber edging around the top of the chest that holds the U-Shaped Change Mat firmly in place. The Chest of Drawers has metal runners for smooth opening and closing action. Unlike any other Chest, this one is designed specifically for little ones - with very smooth and rounded edges to maximise safety in their bedroom whilst unsupervised. This design feature becomes more relevant when your babies grow into accident-prone toddlers and children.

With both the 3 Drawer Changing Table and Chest of Drawers in this set, you have the option to use the chest purely for storing clothes and displaying keepsakes on top, while using the 3 Drawer Changing Table to meet your babies' changing needs, as well as to safely store toiletries out of reach, or to store additional clothing or manchester. Alternatively, you can use the 3 Drawer Changing Table to display keepsakes or books, while using the larger chest to meet your babie's changing needs. This 7 Piece Nursery Furniture Set comes with one custom fitting U-Shaped Change Mat that fits both the chest and changing table.



This 7 Piece Nursery Furniture Set includes:

- 2x 5 in 1 Sleigh Cot (RRP $699 each)

- 2x Innerspring Cot Mattress (RRP $249 each)

- 1x Chest of Drawers (RRP $599)

- 1x 3 Drawer Changing Table (RRP $399)

- 1x U-Shaped Change Mat (RRP $39.95)

The total retail value for this 7 Piece Nursery Furniture Set is $2,934. Our everyday wholesale price is almost 50% off at $1,500.


- Meets Australian and New Zealand Mandatory Safety Standards (AS/NZS 2172)

- Non-toxic teething guards to protect baby's teeth and gums, but also to protect your cot

- Mattress provides the recommended 'firm sleep surface' for baby's safety

- Smooth and rounded baby/toddler-friendly corners and edges on all furniture

- Safety rails on Changing Table as well as U-Shaped Change Mat design to reduce the likelihood of falls (please note you should always keep one hand on your baby)

- Non-toxic paint, varnish and finishes used on all furniture


- Furniture constructed from clear grade NZ plantation pine

- Drawer interiors and shelves constructed from LVL and hardboard which are high strength wood products used for structural applications such as bearing weight (where a thin timber panel would crack)


- White 


- 2x Cot Dimensions: Size (L-146cm X W-76cm X H-109cm) and Weight (35kg)

- Chest Of Drawers Dimensions: Size (W-88cm X D-64cm X H-94.5cm) and Weight (45kg)

- Changing Table Dimensions: Size (W-79.5cm X D-62cm X H-97cm) and Weight (33.5kg) 

- Please note: the height of the Change Mat is 15cm lower than the overall height 

- Change Mat Dimensions: Size (L-75cm X W-50cm X D-10cm) and Weight (1kg)


- Yes


- 2x Cot Box 1 Dimensions: Size (L-118cm X W-87cm X D-14.5cm) and Weight (16.5kg)

- 2x Cot Box 2 Dimensions: Size (L-135cm X W-77.5cm X D-14cm) and Weight (23.9kg)

- 2x Cot Mattress Box Dimensions: Size (L-130cm X W-69cm X D-10cm) and Weight (7.6kg)

- Chest Box 1 Dimensions: Size (L-97cm X W-83cm X D-15.5cm) and Weight (25kg)

- Chest Box 2 Dimensions: Size (L-81cm X W-58cm X D-12.5cm) and Weight (22kg)

- Changing Table Box 1 Dimensions: Size (L-102cm X W-73cm X D-12cm) and Weight (17.6kg)

- Changing Table Box 2 Dimensions: Size (L-80cm X W-60cm X D-17cm) and Weight (15.8kg)

- Change Mat is included in the Changing Table Box


- Up to 40kgs per cot



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