Please monitor this page for updates on the arrival and handling of our shipments.

This page will be updated again after we dispatch the orders from our October ship and before we receive our November ship.


General Shipping and Delivery Process

Once a ship arrives to Brisbane Port it goes through a number of hands before it reaches us. First the container is unloaded off the ship with a crane. The container may (or may not) be selected for inspection by Customs Border Protection. This can delay us by 1 or 2 days, however we have had many containers inspected - so this no longer generally occurs. The container is then slotted (given a time) for collection by the truck drivers who transport the shipping containers. Our logistics company arranges this customs process, as well as delivery to our warehouse. The timing of these processes are out of our control. We have no power to speed up the process - however, it generally only takes 3 days. If customs inspect our containers, it generally adds 2 or 3 days to our wait.  


October Shipment Details

UPDATE 16/10/2019: This ship's ETA has been changed from the 21st to the 28th of October.

We expect this container to be delivered to our warehouse in early November where it will be unloaded and dispatched within 4-5 days (for shipped orders) and across 2 weekends (for local collections).

When we book in your order for domestic shipping, you will receive an email from our courier (TNT) containing a tracking link. This can be used to track the arrival date of your order so you can arrange to be home for the delivery of your furniture.

We plan to dispatch all orders from this ship within 3 to 4 business days. If you are waiting on a partial order or half order your items will be dispatched on the first day of dispatch. Following this, we will dispatch the remaining orders in order of purchase.

Please be patient in this time as we will be focused on getting orders out and may not be able to respond to your emails. We have over 100 orders on this shipment to dispatch.


November Shipment Details

This ship is now booked for arrival on approximately the 15th of October.


December Shipment Details

Not yet booked.